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Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Lion King Official Trailer Watch And Full Detail With Download

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The Lion King Official Trailer 2019 Full Detail

Walt Disney Studios released the first look and first teaser of the avatated movie 'The Lion King' on Thursday night. This film is a remake of the same name animated film in 1994. It is directing the movie The Jungle Book Fame Director John Fevero in 2016.

Beyonce will love Simba's love interest (The Lion King Official Trailer 2019)

There are many well-known artists in the film's voice cast. American actors and Singer Donald Glover are giving voice to the lead character of the movie Simba. The character of Beyoncé Nallah will play, in the story of Simba's childhood friend and love interest. James Earl Jones once again became the voice of Muffass Seth Rogan-Pumba, Chetail Azeeofor-Skar, John Oliver-Zazoo and Billy-Timon are also the special names of the cast.

The Lion King Official Trailer 2019 Watch Online

Disney had cast ravevil through a tweet on its Twitter handle in early November.

Kabir Bedi will be Mafsa in Hindi version (The Lion King Official Trailer 2019)

Kabir Bedi has shared the Hindi trailer of the film on his Twitter handle. Kabir Simba's father in the Hindi dub of the film is giving voice to Mifsa.

Voice Artist Mona Shetty has also shared the trailer of The Lion King on Twitter, from which it seems that she is also playing a special role in the Hindi version. Significantly, Mona gave voice to Deepika's character in Deepika Padukone's debut film Om Shanti Om.

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